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More Convention

Got up this morning and wrote. This was easy to do since my body is still on Central Standard Time. I then ran from the hotel to the convention center and the joined the running group which is part of the convention. Twenty of us circled the nearby mall in the most ideal weather to run in that I have experienced in a long time. It was fun listening to the runners from MI and WA and other places talking about this was the first time they had worn shorts and a t-shirt to run in for months. I was glad I live in N TX again.

This morning Charles Colson was the plenary speaker. His new book, The Faith, What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why it Matters, was the center of his talk. It was a reminder of the power of the Gospel and historical, orthodox faith in a culture like ours that continues to push it to the sidelines. He defined culture as, "Religion incarnate." Interesting. I was encouraged to continue to preach and teach the basics of the faith in order to join the dialog in the marketplace and schools. Here's a one-minute blurb from Colson.

The surprise of the trip was that the company for which I wrote Divine Encounters has an exhibit here. This is primarily a Zondervan, IVP show, so I did not know "outsiders" could set up shop. Come to find out, Life Bible Study is now in partnership with Zondervan. That's good news for any author.

By the way, hang on because I will start teaching through the Divine Encounter book in the fall on a week night. (We'll use the shorter 16-week editions which we will swallow in 8 weeks.)We'll go until we complete the entire Old Testament and then move to the Gospels, which I am writing on now.

I'm having blast with the gang, too. We mesh very well and can laugh at each other as well as have debates on topics upon which we do not agree....sweet.