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All work no play...

After we finished the conference Friday morning--N. T. Wright and communion--we headed to the nearby beaches to enjoy the beautiful San Diego area.

Here we are on the boardwalk at Mission View Beach. Kenyon, Libby, Michelle, Asher, Troy, me, Angela, and Scottie with Kim taking the picture made quite the roving tourist tribe.

Kim had a blast practicing being a grandmother by holding Asher every chance she could. Asher was a great traveling child. I hope my grandchild will be as good.

Troy and Michelle lived in this part of CA for a year before they came to Legacy. He could not resist the waves when we got near the water, which was a warm 57 degrees and the air temp was about 70. So, when he looked at me and said let's surf, I said, let's go. The rest of the group walked along the beach and chilled while Troy and I fought--I mean--rode the waves. (Troy can actually surf. I chose a boogie board.)

Here we are before getting wet.

Here I am coming out of the water later. Only my toes were cold, and I was surprised how much work it was and how warm the work kept me. I'm definitely planning to join Troy next year in the waves.

I'm definitely getting out all my old Beach Boy albums again!

It was a great trip. (I'll post some on it later.) I look forward to being with Legacy Church tomorrow and sharing some of the experience with them.