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Boston VI

On Monday, April 21, I am honored to be entered in the 112th running of the Boston Marathon. This will be my sixth time to run the historic route from Hopkington to Boston with over 20,000 other runners. What is unique about my run is that I did not qualify to run the race, but I am there by the grace of a friend, Billy Allen, and adidas, the official outfitter for the marathon.

This is just another example of how I do not deserve this privilege for I am not fast enough to earn a spot, but I get to run the race because of the grace offered me by a friend and the company he represents. Sounds a little like the Good News of Jesus, doesn't it?

I will be running with my good friend Greg Sankey, whose family was core to Legacy becoming who we are today and whose friendship has anchored my soul when the seas of ministry are about to sink me. He now lives in AL and works for the SEC.

You can follow our progress here, (Put our first and last names in, and that will do it. My first name is Carl.) and check on the conditions here. Thanks for your prayers! Start time for us is 10:30 a.m. EDT. (The first wave with the elite runners is at 10.)

Speaking of running...we have formed a Legacy Church team for the local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on June 7. Ashley Breslin is our team captain . If you want to join the team, go here for details and how to sign up. I'll tell you more about this opportunity to be salt and light in our community later.