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Read Exodus 33:7-23

First observe how the Scriptures describe Moses’ relationship with God at the Tent of Meeting.

Do you have a “tent of meeting” where you can meet God? Also, the biblical writer said that “The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.” (v. 11) How would you describe your time of prayer with God?

As you read the prayer conversation of God and Moses, speak Moses’ prayers and allow God to answer through His Spirit and the Scriptures. (v. 12-23) Also, pray our church body will crave a life of worship and will experience the joy of worship as individuals and as a church (v. 10).

My "tent of meeting" is the dining room table. I come here every morning to write on the Scriptures, and it is in those morning hours I read, observe, describe and allow God to speak to me through His Word and Spirit. I'm not so sure I speak with God "as a man speaks with his friend," but I am relaxed and do not fear what God may say that day. I trust God and have enough of a "friendship" to know His words are true and His ways are reliable.

My prayer of Moses is verse 13 this morning...what is yours?