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MS 150 Update

We finished! Yes, all of us who started finished what we set out to do. Day 1's ride was over 84 miles, and all who started that windy, cold morning finished.

Here's a photo of the gang at "tent city" at the Texas Motor Speedway where we spent the night before Day 2 of the ride. There were two others who spent the night in nearby hotels and four others who rode Day 1 and had to got to other commitments.

Part of the friendships of the evening was giving two of the riders gift certificates for new bikes. Both started riding this year and either trained on a mountain bike or a borrowed bike. They both showed they really loved the sport, so, one of the team stepped up and led out in raising the funds for the bikes. It was one of the many stories that rode in the peloton over the two-day ride.

The greatest feeling for many was crossing the finish line for the first time--it was not about the 160+ miles they rode but the realization they really did it for those who could not ride and who suffer every day with MS. Many of them were there at the finish as the riders came by.

I am blessed to be part of such a group of riders. I recommend getting in a group around your favorite hobby soon! There is nothing like it...and you will experience things about friends and God you will experience no other way. I promise.

Here are more of Jackie Henson's photos which I used for this post.

Here are some of Paul Olson's photos, too.