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Read Joshua 1:1-9

Joshua did not stop to pray and ask God for help. God came to him to assure His servant leader of His presence and power.

What was God’s promise to Joshua in verses 1 – 5?

How can you apply God’s words to your life today?

God continued to encourage Joshua on his mission. Read verses 6-9. How many times did God tell Joshua to be "strong and courageous?" Read the verses first as God’s promise to Joshua and then read them as God’s word to you in whatever you do for Him today. Meditate on these words of promise as God’s word to you today.

Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood or place of work as you pray for God to reign “every place where you set your foot” (v. 3).

I always need to hear God's words to "be strong and courageous." Like most people I befriend comfort over discipline and the easy way rather than the hard way. But God's call never leaves me comfortable or at ease, so I need to hear His words for me. By the way, I'd rather run on the trails of the Colorado Rockies at 10,000 feet than sit on the couch watching Tevo'd episodes of The Office. God's invitation is more like the trail run than the couch, and I wouldn't change His call on my life for anything.

You can read more about this Hero of the Faith in the study guide for our summer series, devotedependdeclare, (30-35) which is available at the Connections Desk at Legacy.