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Wedding in Vegas

Kim and I traveled to Las Vegas last week to attend the wedding of the woman who shared cheerleader coaching at PSHS for the last four years. Leah and Jeremy got married at The Wynn Casino and Hotel wedding chapel on Friday night. She is pictured with Kim and another teacher friend, Marcie who came to be part of the experience. Leah's parents were married in Vegas 32 years ago, and Leah wanted the wedding there.

Kim suggested that since our 33rd wedding anniversary was June 28, we should go early and enjoy the sights, which meant seeing EVERY casino on the strip. We got there on Wednesday and stayed at New York New York. As you can see by the website, the casino was not for children!

It was hot 107F on Thursday, but it was a "dry heat." Right. It was still hot, but the casinos work hard to keep you inside. Here's a look at the outside of NYNY, and a peak at one of the street scapes on the inside. It was nice, and I enjoyed the food and hanging with Kim.

Kim invested $9.00 in nickel slots while I spent my time watching the management rake in the money of the gamblers. We watched Blackjack tables, roulette tables and craps mostly. Watched a bunch of $100.00 bills go in the slot and chips gathered to the casino employees. I'm glad I'm not a gambler.

We did see Danny Gans at the Mirage. He was great and worth the ticket price. I can truly recommend you see him if you have to go to Vegas.

We came home Saturday morning to see Summer who had come home from Pine Cove for the weekend to attend the wedding of a life-long friend, Saskia Van der Linden to Wes Thompson. It was great to see some of Summer's friends since elementary days and friends who have been at Legacy. A busy but meaningful weekend.