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A Good Question

Someone asked me a great question about Samson after Sunday's message:

Q: If it's true Samson was only thinking of himself when he pulled the supports down, why would he be in Hebrews 11 for the heroes of the faith?

A: If we put everyone from the list in Hebrews 11 on the same level of their trust in God's call to them, then yes, you wonder why Samson is listed given his selfish lifestyle. When you read the passage that mentions him again, Samson is in a short list of Judges who were not so great in their faith: Barak would not fight without Debra, Gideon wouldn't trust God without the fleece miracle, and while Samson defeated the Philistines, he only prayed a couple of times--not a great sign of faith. Samuel and David are in that short list, but no details are given about their failures either. In the end, they trusted God. That's why the writer honored them.

Even in their weak faith they trusted God's word in some way because they acted out God's call on their lives--albeit not so fervently in faith as we read about others in the chapter. In An Angel in the Flame I mention Samson's picture hangs on the wall of the family room with King Saul, God's first king, but who lost favor with God. Saul was still a chosen one to be part of His-story, but not a David or Solomon. Not all Heroes of the Faith rank with those who sold out for God.

I am pleased Samson made "the list" because that gives me hope that I can be at least mentioned among the least who trusted God at His word--even if I lived most of my life for myself.

hope this helps give some perspective...

By the way, have I shown you a picture of my granddaughter lately?

On the cycling side of things, some of the Legacy Cyclists are riding The Goatneck this Saturday. Should make for some interesting stories!