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What I Did Sunday

Sunday I was to be out at our granddaughter's dedication in Waco, but that got changed last week. I mentioned in front of Lisa and Markus that I had no assignments Sunday since I had Kenyon to speak in my place. You guessed it. They asked that I join the ranks of the parents who volunteer each week in the preschool area. I had no excuse, and I had written that book about servant leadership, so...

I had a blast with the children and discovered the quality security, programming, and care of the children that happens each week at Legacy. Everything was planned for us--from check in/out sheets to a schedule with singing, a Bible story, puppets, and a craft--with a little time on the playground to burn off some energy--if you can do that for kindergarten age children!

Dave and Natalie Elliot lead the large group session, while Lisa led us in the music portion. My experienced and enthusiastic partner was Alethea Crossman. (That's us on the playground.) All of it coordinated by Crissy Cassey. Hats off to the team that morning and to those who serve every Sunday morning with our children.

It is always good for the leader to get into the trenches with those he or she leads. I left Sunday morning with a sense that Legacy offers and executes a quality, biblically centered, fun, safe ministry to preschoolers and their families.

All we need is more volunteers to fill the gaps. Wanna sign up? Email Lisa Lloyd, and she can hook you up with the right people.

By the way, have I shown you a picture of my granddaughter? She visited her great grandmother in California last week. Here she is sporting the latest in beach babyware. Hot, huh?