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An Historic Week

You could not help but see the significance of last week's events in American history. The first African-American man was nominated for the office of President at the Democratic National Convention. He gave his acceptance speech on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a Dream" Speech, one of the finest in the English language. Obama's charisma and message of change surely gained new support and galvanized those who are ready to call him, Mr. President.

The next morning, John McCain, chose Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. Mrs. Palin will the first woman nominated to a presidential ticket in the history of the GOP. Not only is she the first person from Alaska to be on such a ticket, she is a wife with five children: one, a 5-month old special needs child; another, a 17-year-old unmarried, pregnant daughter. She has her hands full at home. She now has her plate full with a vice presidential race. Her political credentials may be lacking, but her spirit and embodiment of what Republicans stand for will surely boost their hopes for the White House.

All of this was going on while Hurricane Gustav roared toward New Orleans, which was hit 3 years ago to the week by Hurricane Katrina. The gathering storm seemed symbolic of this year's presidential elections and the turmoil many Americans will face at the ballot box in November.

What does mean for you and me? As an American registered voter, I can't think of a more invigerating election since I have been voting. The issues and candidates will mean more conversations than ever about those people and concerns that define the two parties. My only fear is that the divisions that separate us can only become deeper as we move toward Election Day, November 4.

As a "citizen of heaven," on the other hand, my loyalties and hopes remain with Jesus and His Kingdom. That means whoever wins this wild race to the White House will not change my efforts to live and serve alongside other kingdom people to bring a "glimpse of heaven" to a fallen world and those who live in it. Jesus is King no matter who is President, Prime Minister, or king; He is the one who guides me to serve in His name and hope in His return.

I hope you get involved in the election proces, but don't let it replace or misguide your identity as a citizen of heaven and your hope in the kingdom of God if you have trusted Jesus to be King--the Christ is how the biblical writers said it.