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Following Jesus into Choices about Life

Pro-life and pro-choice issues divide us politically in this as in many previous elections. If you are a one-issue voter, this may be the one that decides your vote. However, both positions have their inconsistencies.

Pro-lifers protect the unborn but are mostly pro-death penalty and pro-war. They take life under the auspices of God-ordained governments. Pro-choicers, on the other hand, give the woman the right to take the life of the innocent unborn but on the whole stand against capital punishment and taking life by force of arms.

We are all "walking contradictions," but to try and settle the issue of the sanctity of life by voting on one platform item will not establish the kingdom value in our country. (Yes, it will establish the value through law but cannot change the hearts of people.)

So however you vote on this issue, if you follow Jesus you need to ask, "What did Jesus do to demonstrate the value of life as its Creator and Sustainer?"

Walk with Jesus from the mountainside of his "sermon on the mount" to the house of Peter recorded by Matthew in Matthew 8:1-17. He sustained and restored life to those who were considered social and religious outcasts and who did not deserve life.

He touched and healed a leper; a social and religious outsider to the things of God. (Matthew 8:1-4)

He healed the servant of an occupying enemy. Both were unworthy of attention by the oppressed Jewish community. (Matthew 8:5-13)

He restored health to Peter's aging and sick mother-in-law, who by some standards had seen her best days and rightfully should die. (Matthew 8:14-15)

Jesus cast out demons and healed the sick, who were mostly loved and cared for only by their families. (Matthew 8:16-17)

And, he touched and blessed children, the unseen population of the world at that time (and now). (Matthew 19:13-15)

Each of these encounters demonstrate Jesus' consistent actions to sustain and restore life to those who some deemed unworthy of it. If we are "citizens of heaven," then we, too, must choose life in every situation in order to demonstrate our allegiance to our President who always chose life and gave us all eternal life ultimately by laying down His life.

At Legacy, we demonstrate our choose-life value in our community by serving alongside programs like these: Real Options for Women, From the Dust, and the Student Aged Parent Program of the PISD. We invite you to get involved with these groups, too.

By the way, have I shown you a picture of my daughter and granddaughter lately? We are headed to Waco this weekend for her "dedication of home and family" at Harris Creek Baptist Church on Sunday. Can't wait to be GDad for that one.