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The Church Being The Church

Sunday evening, we hosted our annual English Language Program Thanksgiving Feast for students and families in the program. Over 350 internationals and over 100 Legacy servants participated in the celebration.

The highlight of the evening for me were the 11 students who read Psalm 100 in their native language. It was read in Bengali, Korean, Spanish, Armenian, Farsi, Hindi, Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and English. Each time my heart was stirred to know people heard the words of praise in his or her heart language.

Someone who observed all that was going on that evening, said to June Zheng, our ELP Director, "This is the church being the church." I agree, and I am proud of Legacy and its service to the international community in our city.

Sunday morning I continued to vision cast that the church be "salt and light servants," which is the core message of my new book, Evangelism Where You Live. The good news is I do not need to instill a value that is not among us already. I only reinforced what we already hold as a lifestyle among us. If you want to hear the message "Here Am I," from Isaiah 6, go here.

This Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent. We will begin a 20-week series on the life of Jesus that will culminate on Easter, 2009. We will follow the study guide, Christos: God's Transforming Touch, and seek to emulate the life and teachings of Jesus as we follow Him each day. Join us on the journey, if you like.

Get the book, and listen to the messages each week. Feel free to email me questions or comments as you follow Jesus through the Gospels.

I go into this season of Thanksgiving knowing many are hurting, without jobs, and facing an uncertain future. I continue to find hope in the Person of Jesus Christ, His Church, and the love shown and shared by those I serve alongside.

For more photos of the event, go here.