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Following Jesus No Matter Who Won

I finished our series "Jesus For President" this past Sunday. I interviewed myself as someone whose candidate did not win the presidential election. If you want to hear my thoughts on the events of the week, go to the Legacy Church website.

The irony to me about a biblical worldview on ruling governments is that our Leader, Jesus, and his two most prominent followers, Peter and Paul, all insisted we submit to, honor and pray for "all those in authority," and those very same authorities turned around and executed each of them.

I'm not suggesting in ANY WAY our new President will lead us all to prison--although some crazy evangelicals told me he would on their blogs and emails. What I AM SAYING is that no matter who rules--your candidate or a ruler you had no say in his ruling--as Christ followers we are to follow Jesus and his teachings first, then follow the dictates of our hearts and party platforms.

I'm not completely clear why or how God puts in place evil dictators for His purposes, but Christians around the world who are being killed for their faith read the same Bible I do. Like them, I must trust my Leader and follow His lead no matter my feelings about things.

Check out the PBS piece, God On Trial. Fascinating dialogue with questions and answers you and I may give. We'll not agree with everything, but it will cause us to find answers to the questions I can only imagine God's people raised during the Holocaust.

Kim and I had a great weekend with friends of over 35 years. Kent and Katie Reynolds daughter, Melinda, was married to Steve Kirkpatrick at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church in Waco. Bob Johns, Youth Minister at Woodway Baptist, and Steve Sadler, BU Religion Prof and family friend, and I did the ceremony. Storey was a bridesmaid, and Cambell was the most beautiful baby there!

When your friends and your children get married and start having children, you know you are in another stage of life...a good one, I might add.