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Don't Marry Christmas

I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas.

I love that gift-giving, for example, exemplifies God's giving heart and gift of the Christ. I hate that gift-giving is an obligation this time of year.

I love that giving makes you think of others and how you can honor them by what you give them. I hate that I am forced to think of what to give others by retailers who make 50% of their income from Thanksgiving to December.

I love that people want to "keep Christ in Christmas," but it drives me nuts that some think playing "A Holly, Jolly Christmas" on the radio somehow does that.

Enough of my griping. I do love this time of year with all of its commercialism and my participation in it. Under all the noise and lights--just as at the first Christ-mass--there is still the reality of the birth of a child in whom God became a person so we all could have hope and eternal life.

My prayer for this Christmas is:

Giver of gifts, may my heart be as yours: whether expected or undeserved, I will always have a heart of love that wants to give to others. Help me to see in others your image and desire that they be filled with hope through a trust-relationship with your greatest gift, Jesus--and that I am willing to pay the price you paid to make it happen.

Teach me the difference between serving others and serving my ego in my gift-giving. Lead me to those who desire you rather than to those who think they own you.

May my heart beat with yours as I serve with the people who are Legacy Church and my extended family of friends.

Thank you for family and Cambell, who remind me that you are not finished with Kim and me yet.

Join Kim and me for Legacy's Christmas Eve Service. We'll share carols, communion, and candle lighting.