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Hong Kong Deux

Got to Skype Summer and Kim and then Storey, Graham and Cambell. Here's a snapshot from our conversation online. Cambell just could not figure out what was going on. It was great to "see" everyone.

Had to show you a little taste of home here in the Far East. Oh thank Heaven, I'm lovin it!

We stayed in Hong Kong on Monday and met with the pastor of the Kowloon International Baptist Church. Kenny and I visited there the last time we came here, and it was good to be with Pastor Harry and see his staff again.

We returned to Macau on Tuesday and met with Pastor Peter Chan of Macau Baptist Church and three missionaries about partnering with them to train church leaders together. I had tracked down a copy of Jesus on Leadership in Mandarin Monday afternoon and was able to share a copy with each of them. The meeting was productive and informative. Much opportunity and work to do in the days ahead.

We then made a trip to the private school owned and operated by the church. The pictures of the pre-school computer lab tells you a little of the educational resources they do have. The "college" as it says on the school's sign is really K through 12.

You can see the older building in which the church meets now compared to the newer one for the school. In the next year or two, they will demolish the current church facilities and rebuild them again.

Here is a typical open-air marketplace and neighborhood, and, of course, we had to stop at the local Starbucks at least once a day. Actually, some of our best dialogue took place there. Something about how a cup of coffee, relaxed atmosphere and no time pressure allows you to get to the important stuff.

The church is alive and well in a secular environment that believes it has little need for it. Christ followers here have the same challenges and opportunities we face in the US. We can learn from each other on how to be "citizens of heaven" in worlds who think they have moved on beyond the need for God.

Headed home on Thursday (tomorrow here). Will post some final pics then...ready to see my family and Legacy on Sunday!