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Proud of the Team

I'm proud of our staff and Leadership Team members. This past Saturday, instead of the typical catered Christmas meal and the exchange of White Elephant gifts, we adopted three families who would not have Christmas gifts without some help. We did this last year, and everyone wanted to do it again.

We met at the church, got the names, ages, sizes and wishes of the children and single moms then scattered to the nearest stores to buy the gifts.

We returned to wrap them (the pictures posted here) and prepare them to be delivered in the next week or two.

It's great to help others, but it is always the interaction between friends and families that make this a special time. You also learn a lot about a person in watching them wrap a Christmas gift. Some, say, Scottie Richardson, for example is precise and a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping a gift. The child who opens his gift will be impressed. I, on the other hand, had several people come up and offer their help as I wrapped my odd-shaped objects like books and a shoe box. I believe what's on the inside counts!

When we had finished wrapping the gifts, we headed off to Spring Creek BarBQ in Frisco to eat and share more of the day.

Team is the only way to do ministry, and projects like this expose the strengths of a group of people who do their best work to serve others.

It's going to be a good Christmas.

I continued our Christos series Sunday. If you would like to hear about Isaiah's prophecies about Jesus' coming, click here.