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Laramie, Wyoming

Monday I left DFW early to speak at the Wyoming Southern Baptist Evangelism Conference. They had heard about my new book Evangelism Where You Live, and felt it would match their theme: Beyond the Church Doors. My message and their mission did connect, and I left looking forward to the trip.

When I got to Denver a storm had moved in as you can see, and they canceled my flight from Denver to Laramie; which upon reflection, I am glad they did!

When I called Don Whalen and told him what had happened, he said, "Rent a car. The roads are still open." Well, what was "open" to a native of Wyoming is anything but that to a Texan. But, I wanted to be there as bad as he wanted me to be there, so I rented a car and carefully drove through the winter storm north to Cheyenne and then west to Laramie. Here's a view from my windshield. I sang Carrie Underwood's "Jesus take the wheel" several times! I got to the church, Laramie Valley Community Chapel by 4:00 MST in time for my first breakout session. I had no time to review the descent off the mountian into the town...which was grace itself.

The people were warm and friendly and hungry for a call to get outside their buildings and into their community. My message of community based servant evangelism that was illustrated by stories from Legacy, was well received by my new friends in Christ.

You can see from the parking lot shot at the church that Laramie is not much more attractive than Amarillo, Texas--and colder. It is the home of The University of Wyoming, and the church we met at has a great ministry with the students there. The picture from my motel was Tuesday morning when it was 19 degrees below with a -27 degree wind chill...tell me how they do this year after year?

I came home to a ice encrusted Dallas with closed schools and businesses. I wanted to call everyone a wimp and tell them of my trials...

I've had my extreme winter for the year. Come on, Spring!