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National Pastors Convention

Last week Kim and I attended the National Pastors Convention in San Diego. She came a day late because she got sick on Monday, but she made it out in time for a couple of days of inspiration and encouragement. Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and Christopher Wright made the event meaningful.

The high watermark of the speakers was Paul Young, the author of The Shack. To know is personal story that led to him to write the story for his children is to understand why the story has captured the heart of so many. Some of that story is here. You can also hear those who fear it's message at the same site.

We got out some and saw the sun set on Torrey Pines Beach, and the next day we walked down Mission Beach. It was cloudy and cold, but still the beach.

Along the way on Mission Beach, a young girl on a bike waved and said hey. Kim said, "What a friendly girl." A few moments later the Walpoles rolled up on bikes! They were there for Courtney's hockey tournament. Small world.

The highlight of the event for Kim was her chance to meet one of her heroes, Bill Hybels, the Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. We have been attending Willow conferences since 1994, and have respected Bill for his courage and conviction through the years. Kim's chance to meet him was a chance to say thank you and how much we appreciated his ministry.

We returned revived and ready to run the next leg of ministry. Thanks to Legacy for the chance to get away together.