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Proud of Legacy...Again

This past Saturday we hosted our first "First Saturday Serve" project. We are emphasizing our Serve purpose this year, and we kicked it off with a trip to a local nursing home to host a Valentines Party for the residents. We overwhelmed them with food, flowers, and kindness.
I was proud to watch those who participated genuinely involve themselves in the lives of the residents and to see their responses.

We had more than we needed in the living room so some wandered back to the rooms and spread the love with those unable to make it to the front for the party.

Thanks to Troy and the Missions Team for setting this up so we can be a visible presence of Christ's love in our community.

This year we are highlighting one of our mission partners each month.
In January we collected baby bottles of change and money for Real Options for Women. I'll let you know our final collection total when we finish.

Yesterday, Sam Say, of Bolaven Farms, Laos, told us his story and how we can help eradicate poverty, provide sustainable businesses, and share the Good News with the people of Laos through buying the coffee grown on the farm. This is our mission partner for February. We were all moved by his story and are excited about the possibilities the money we spend on coffee can truly provide an abundant and eternal life for others. Check out Sam's FaithStory at Legacy here. You can order coffee from the Bolaven Farms website.

I am proud of a people who not only claim to be salt and light servants as Jesus called them to be, but that they are out in the world being both of those things in tangible ways.