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Dad's 80th Birthday and Forge

Saturday we traveled to my parent's place in Grapeland, TX, to celebrate my father's 80th birthday. We filled the house and rented restaurant with three generations of family and friends. His great grandchildren helped him blow out his candles, and Storey and Summer posed with one of the several posters Storey made for the event.

We had the family picture made with everyone five sisters and their families. One of my sister's had a video made of Dad's life, and I found it hard not to tear up as I remembered his life of service and love to our family and the church. I am glad we got to remember with him and tell him how much we loved him. You usually don't do that kind of thing until the one you love is gone. It was a fabulous day of celebration. I am a blessed man to have a father like him. He is my example of servant leadership, and I owe him so much for his love shown my family and me.

Check out Storey's blog for more photos and pictures of my wonderful granddaughter.

Monday, I spent the day at Pine Cove with the members of Forge, a year-long leadership training course, led by Matt Lantz. They had just returned from Israel and were excited to tell their stories of how the biblical stories came alive for them as the walked where Jesus walked. Two of the members were children of guys I was at Baylor with. That was a great re-connect. I talked through Jesus on Leadership with them, and left feeling honored to have spent the day with this next generation of leaders.