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The crowd's response to Pilate's sign intrigues me. The message nailed above Jesus' head read, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." He had it written in the three primary languages of the region. The religious leaders who wanted Jesus dead and seemed to make up any charge to get him executed did not like Pilate's plaque placed above their sacrificial lamb. I figure if you do whatever it takes to get a job done, you don't complain about it when it gets done--unless you are convinced you are in control.

The religious leaders thought they had Pilate wrapped around their little fingers and could even get him to print whatever they wanted on their victim. But, by then he had enough of their pressure and said, "What I have written, stays." The Roman governor loved the irony and message sent to the masses as they looked upon the crucified carpenter. Pilate gave them what they wanted against his better judgment, so there was no way he'd let them get their way again. It's a silly subplot about pride and hubris in the greater story of sacrificial love.

How many times have I pushed to get my complete way when my badgering and complaining gave me what I wanted in the first place? Once again, I am the crowd who mocked Jesus and who want my way--even to how I want others to see the One who rescued me by his death. I look so silly compared to his intentional acts of love shown me on the cross and each day.

Praying and watching among the crowd with you...