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A New Class

I begin teaching my next class for B. H. Carroll tonight. The class will cover the book of Acts and the letters of Paul--in eight, 2.5 hour classes!

We will fly over the material, but like taking a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon, it's better than looking at the pictures in a brochure. Of course, hiking "rim to rim" or floating down the Colorado River are the only true ways to see what's there. I wish we had time to walk through the paths of each of the books, but a fly over is what we have this time. If you would like to join us, it's not too late. Go here for how to sign up. I enjoy walking through the pages of Scripture with those who have been there before and with those who are walking the trails for the first time.

Acts is the perfect follow up to Easter. After Jesus ascended to "sit at the right hand of the Father," the commissioned disciples waited in Jerusalem as he told them. During a season of expectant prayer, the Holy Spirit descended upon them, and the ekklesia movement began.

Whatever you think about the church today, you have to be inspired by the band of adopted brothers and sisters in Christ who infected their world with the love of their Leader and God, Jesus. While many bemoan the demise of Christianity in America as we have known it, I look forward to the opportunity to be the ekklesia free from any cultural or governmental connections. I know it's a pipe dream, but so was the church for its first 300 years of existence.

My next study guide with lifeBibleStudy is on Acts and some of Paul's letters. It will be out in June of this year and is called Ekklesia: the unstoppable movement of God. We'll cover some of it at Legacy in a fall message series this year.

Join us for our Easter Celebration this weekend. Good Friday, a Day of Prayer and Fasting (which I will blog with you on Saturday), and Easter Sunday worship will inspire and give you hope.