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First BDay and Adam + Eve

We made our way down to Waco again for Cambell's first birthday party. She turned one on May 7, and I cannot believe it has been a year since we got a call from Storey saying her water broke, and we rushed down to see our first grandchild. She was the perfect party hostess for her friends. Kim had a blast being Lollie.

Storey and Graham had much for the children to do, and we had a great time. My parents and Kim's mother came so we had three generations celebrating God's good gift to us all. Check out Storey's blog for more pics and thoughts aobut the event.

We got back Saturday night in time to present the next installment in our series Adam + Eve. It was Mother's Day, I know, but we stuck to the third most requested topic in March's poll, Sex and Intimacy. I called the message "Microwaves and Crockpots: Igniting Intimacy." You get the metaphor between the two appliacences representing men's and women's "igniting time" when it comes to intimacy.

Check out the podcast here, if you did not hear it live, and check out the book that is based on the Song of Solomon, Intimacy Ignited. I recommend it to any couple who is struggling with igniting the fires of intimacy in their marriage.

I believe if men and women can create an environment of intimacy, which involves their emotions and souls, the physical aspects of sexuality will mostly take care of themselves. On the whole, you don't improve sex in a marriage with better technique. You improve your sex life by sharing your heart and soul together. The physical follows nurturing those every time.

I also believe the most intimate thing you do together as a couple is to pray together. Kneeling humbly alongside one another and serving as your partner's priest before God does more to create intimacy than any other practice you can do in marriage. Try it. You'll see.