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Graduation and Cultural Fair

We had another meaning-filled weekend this past weekend. Kim and I attended Graham's graduation from Truett Seminary. We are so proud of him. He completed his Master of Arts in Theological Studies (concentration missions) while being married, being a father, and holding down a full-time job as an engineer. His perseverance and care of Storey and Cambell during his studies was exemplary. God has blessed us with Graham in our lives.

His father, Ron, is the Director of the Doctor of Ministry degree program at Truett. It had to be great to learn with his father so accessible. We had a special time at Graham and Storey's house with his family (Sarah, his mother, Claire and Marshall) after the ceremonies. They are a special family we are growing to love in so many ways--especially as those who molded Graham into the man he is today.

We returned Saturday afternoon to keep Cambell overnight while Gray and Sto celebrated. Kim was definitely in heaven!

Sunday afternoon, Legacy Church hosted its second Cultural Fair: Celebrate the World in our Backyard.

Last year, we had 19 countries represented, and this year there were 26 countries hosting tables with information about their country, artifacts, and food. I went home with a stomach ache having eaten everything from English scones, Malasian curry chicken soup to Chinese pork dumplings. It was all wonderful, but it didn't mix so well. We had dancers and performers from groups like Aztecs from Mexico and dancers from India.

I was moved by the many different cultures represented in the faces of those present. People were so anxious to tell the stories of their homes, and I learned much from my conversations with the table hosts. Those visiting the Fair were as curious to know and listen about the country tables that lined the walls. The blowup world globes to mark where you "visited" were a big hit with the children.

Each country in the room is connected to Legacy either through our Enlgish Language Program or as members of Legacy Church. We are truly becoming an international community that reflects our mission field and in which we are experiencing God's vision for the church in Ephesians 2:14-22.

We helped people trust Jesus by making free to those present Bibles in English and the languages represented along with gospel tracks in those same languages. We are praying for those who took the free items.

Thanks to June Zheng, our Director of Literacy Missions, and those who offered this event to our community and church. I can't wait until next year!