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Jacob, Ekklesia, and facebook

Sunday, I continued Jacob's journey with God as his father-in-law, Laban, chased him down in the desert. Jacob was getting heat from his brother-in-laws and Laban, and when God said to take his family back to Canaan, he did not need to be told twice. (Genesis 31:1-3) When the Jedi Deceiver caught up with his padawan, two daughters and 11 grandsons, he was fighting mad. Not only had Jacob taken a superior flock and his children from him, someone had taken his household gods.

After Rachael deceived her deceiving father and kept the gods hidden, Laban and Jacob worked things out. I applied how they resolved things to the relationships we may have with our fathers or others.

I suggested that sometimes you must put distance between you and those who hurt you. Jacob did just that. (Genesis 31:17-18) Sometimes you have no choice but to get out of town from those who have hurt you so deeply. If that is not the solution, boundaries of engagement must surely be put in place.

I also offered that if those who hurt you pursue you, be honest and seek to heal the hurt. Jacob blew up all over Laban about how he had been treated but sought a way they could part peaceably. (Genesis 31:38-42) When given the opportunity, an honest word with a motive to heal can be the way relationships can be healed.

Finally, I conceded that sometimes all you can do is build a Mizpah in the desert and return to your homes. The pile of rocks in the desert became a boundary between the two deceivers. You may have a two-piece pendent called a mizpah. It records part of Laban's word to Jacob as he vowed not to pursue him further. (Genesis 31:49)

I concluded that we have the cross of Christ that stands between those who hurt us. It is the only way we can be healed and forgiven and to offer the same healing and forgiveness through Jesus to those who have hurt us. Ego want let us do it. Only the love of Christ in our hearts will get us there.

The next resource in the LifeBible Study series is out. It's call Ekklesia: the Unstopable Movement of God. It follows the Story of the Holy Spirit in the Acts of the Apostles. Check it out. I enjoyed writing the study guide and pray many will benefit from it. You'll see and hear more about this at Legacy in August.

I finally got on facebook this weekend. I have hesitated for a long time, but saw how I could connect with some many people.

I hope it's not just a fad. I'm just getting warmed up!