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A Barn and Baptisms

Saturday began with a great training event at Legacy Church as we prepared for our age-group, prayer, English Language Programs, and LifeGroup ministries. I was pleased with the turn out and enthusiasm of those involved in the ministries and the quality of the training that went on. We're ready to serve our mission to help people trust Jesus as school starts today in our area.

After the training time, Kim, Summer, and I headed over to the Craig's house along with others from our LifeGroup and Legacy Cyclists. They had invited us over to dedicate their new barn and to baptize Jim and his daughter, Emily. The new barn was part of their story of how God had revealed Himself through a storm that took down their barn and almost destroyed their four horses. (Picture above) All four horses were spared (two had to be cut out of the fallen barn), and in the middle of it all Jim and Sarah came to a new place in their trust of God.

Saturday's events at their house were tangible expressions of their trust that God was in the middle of their lives--all of it. They invited us over to hear their story, and to share in how God had made himself known to them through the events over the last several months. You see Sarah telling her friends about the story of the barn and God's presence in it all.

We then gathered around their pool to baptize Emily and her father, Jim. I had missed the morning ride, but I put on my Legacy Cyclists jersey with Jim to symbolize that through a downed barn and many miles of riding together, God had led Jim to the place where he was ready to start riding in faith. I reminded the group that baptism is the starting line, not the finish line, of our trust relationship with God through Jesus, the Christ.

More pictures are here thanks to John Huber.

Weekends like this remind me the church is people serving others through the ministries of the church, and it is people doing life together. Both are essential for the church to be the unstoppable movement of God in our lives. And, in both God reveals Himself in his timing in a variety of ways so all may trust Him.

I pray that you will know the joy of dedicating all you have to God and standing with a friend in baptism as he or she confesses trust in Jesus When things like that happen you will know you are part of God's efforts to rescue all people to Himself.

Speaking of baptism...we are baptizing some people in the services this coming Sunday at Legacy. Want to join us? Let me know.