Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day of Prayer and Fasting

Legacy Church has set today apart as a day of personal prayer and fasting, and we invite you to join us. As school begins in our area next week, we have chosen today as a time to pursue God passionately and follow him radically.

Go to the church's website for the prayer guide for the day. I will share my thoughts on this blog throughout the day. I invite you to post your comments here as we all seek God and listen with our hearts today.


Josiah, a young king of Israel, "began to pursue God passionately." He was a king, yet knew his strength and direction came from God. Early in his life he knew the importance of pursuing God everyday. Read the guide to learn more about this important biblical character.

As parents, we can instill this passion for God in our children as we model for them our passionate pursuit of God and instruction/training on how they can make room in their lives to seek God.

As followers of Jesus, we are apprentices to the practices and lifestyle of Jesus. To thrive as kingdom people on mission with Jesus to rescue the world and establish a new way of life, we must hear our Leader's heart and know His plans for us and His church.

My greatest challenge in the busyness of ministry is to find time to sit with my Leader and hear His plans for me and those to whom I am a servant leader. I'm looking forward to today as one of those times. I have much to talk to Him about.

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Patsy said...

The key phrase for me is "passionately pursue". Do I do both equally well? I can be passionate about serving, passionate about learning ABOUT God, passionate about connecting with people, but do I passionately pursue HIM. On the other hand, I can pursue him through prayer, Bible study, church attendance, and so forth, but am I passionate about what I'm doing? Sometimes I miss time alone with God for a week. Sometimes when I pray, I'm just saying words. Sometimes when I read my Bible, I approach them as words on a page. What I most passionately pursue tends to be what makes me happiest.