Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We began a new series of messages at Legacy this past Sunday. We call it Faith! We have adapted some materials from the 252 basics materials to partner with families for a month of family worship to help them trust Jesus as they return to school this month.

The description of faith we are working from is: Faith--is trusting what you can't see because of what you can see. Our key verse for the value is Hebrews 11:1. Of course, I have my own translation of the verse, and it reads like this:

Faith is trusting what we hope for will happen and the confidence to act when we cannot see it yet.

I want to emphasize that faith is not belief only. 85% of Americans "believe" in God, and we tend to ask people what they believe in order to define their faith. However, the biblical word has more to do with trusting a person rather than accepting a set of beliefs. Biblical faith is to trust the person of Jesus, the Christ, enough to stake your life on both where you live your life after life and how you live this one.

I can believe Jesus is God's Son and live any way I want. If I trust Jesus is who he says he is and I am who I am in relationship with him, then I must live the way he insists I live. For example, to believe my personal trainer's directions is one thing. To do what he says is to trust he knows what's best for me to accomplish the goals he has set for me. I trust Jesus is my Rescuer and Leader when I trust him enough to adjust my life direction and lifestyle to follow what he says to do in order to reach the goals he as set for me as his apprentice.

My hope through this series is that we can re-claim the biblical concept of faith as trust in the person of Jesus, the Christ, and move away from our idea that to believe something is enough.

How would you describe your current "faith in Jesus?" Would you say you "believe in" him, or, would you say you "trust" him. How you live today will give you some examples of where you are in this.

Trusting with you...


Christine said...

I just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your family. Storey and her family are wonderful and congratulations to Summer and her fiance. David and I are back in the Allen area. Hopefully we can run into you sometime!

faithrunner said...

Christine, I have checked out your blog. Great to read about how God is blessing you guys! Glad you are back in Texas...enough of that NC stuff ;-)

MikeS said...

Gene - I'm speaking on faith this weekend at our family camp out. Looking at Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and Nebuchadnezzar and how they approached God. . .through faith.

For me, faith is simply putting trust into action. I may have learned that from you years ago. :)

The boys told the king they didn't need to defend themselves in this matter and even if they were thrown into the fire the God they serve was able to save them from it, but even if he didn't they would not serve Neb's gods or the statue of himself he had set up.

After God rescued them, Neb said that Shad, Mesh, and Abe trusted their God and defied the king's command and were willing to give up their lives rather than worship any god except their own God.

Sounds like Faith to me.

Question I find myself asking is, "Do I trust God or don't I?"

Thanks for the reminders.


faithrunner said...

You and James, the bro of Jesus, agree. My trust is proven by my actions.