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I broke my fast as Kim hosted the PSHS Math department at our house for their fall get together. Yes, they were a really fun group--not one math problem solved or word problem offered based on the number of hamburger patties and the number of people eating at different rates. It was great to meet each of them and their families, who ranged from singles, couples planning marriages, a couple with twins on the way, a couple with a three-week old, another with elementary-aged children and a teen. And then there were those of us with adult children who were grandparents.

We ate, talked, and the kids swam. While all that was going on, I had in the back of my mind the question for evening reflections, "Who looks to you for guidance?" Students look to these teachers for guidance in math and sometimes life. We all need someone to lead us through the parts of life we do not know. Parents, teachers, pastors, leaders, all have huge responsibilities for guiding those in their care.

As I got ready for bed last night I prayed for those teachers and for the Legacy family who others look to for guidance. I prayed I would not misguide anyone if they looked to me, and finally I prayed God would always be my first and final Guide in all I do. I rested well knowing God was in control and leading the way--no matter how well I guided that day.