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we will never forget

Last Friday was our nation remembered the attack on our country by terrorists September 11, 2001. We paused and prayed for the over 3,000 who lost their lives that day and for the nearly 5,000 who have given their lives in the war that followed.

Two things were different about that remembrance for me this year. One was the deep sense to pray for our enemies. As a follower of Jesus I am compelled to pray for those who not only attacked on 9/11 but those who continue to plan and execute ill will on this country.

The second thing was our country's continued disregard for the one million plus abortions that continue to be performed in our country each year. We should remember the almost 9,000 deaths related to the war, but what about the 8 million plus unborn that did not see life in that same time period?

On September 12 several from Legacy Church joined others from the area to to walk in the rain for life. Legacy Church has been in partnership with Real Options for Women since the late 80's when Danielle Hansen became its Executive Director.

We were partners when Real Options became the first crisis pregnancy clinic in the state of Texas. We were partners when they began to provide sonograms, STI testing, abortion recovery, and abstinence training in schools. We remain partners as they serve those with unwanted pregnancies and offer loving alternatives to abortion.

Facing the injustice of abortion is not as clamorous as it was when it was part of the political scene, but just as we as a nation will never forget 9/11, there are many followers of Jesus who will never forget the unborn. We refuse to forget the lives lost and the lives damaged by the myth that you can just abort a fetus and go on with your life.

Join us as we stand for those who can't stand for themselves and as we love and serve those who wrestle with the reality of an unplanned pregnancy.