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Advent Conspiracy, Legacy Style

This Advent, Legacy Church has joined a conspiracy, the Advent Conspiracy. We have adopted the creators' concept to fit who we are at Legacy, and this past Sunday we invited the church who is Legacy and their friends to join us to "make Christmas a world-changing event again."

We will join the AC group as they call us all to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All, but we will give our folks the opportunity to invest in groups associated with Legacy. Here they are:

Bolaven Farms is a coffee farm in Laos we support through purchasing and using their coffee. Our motto is "Importing Coffee. Exporting Hope." We are the first church in the world to brew Bolaven Farm coffee for its guests and members every week.

The Student Aged Parent Program of PISD and Legacy have been partners for some time, and we invite people to bring gifts as they would to the baby shower of a loved one to give to the parents and their children.

We are partnering with a homeless mission in New Orleans with whom we have worked with for three years now. We are collecting warm clothing, which we will take to the mission in January.

We are also asking people to consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International. A CI representative will be present each week to answer questions and show you how to give a life of hope to an orphan somewhere in the world.

Join the conspiracy and help us bring back the life-changing celebration of God's Presence in His greatest gift to all people: His Son, Jesus.