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In the dirt again

Saturday I returned to my favorite trail in the metroplex, Northshore at Lake Grapevine, to reunite with the North Texas Trail Runners for the 14th annual Rockledge Rumble. It was good to be with people I have run with for over a decade. I only did the 15k run, but I'll get back to my favorite distances as my season continues. My running hero, Jay Norman, ran the 30k at age 71. No excuses to stop now.

Trail running is in my blood. Give me a trail or a neighborhood street, and I'll choose the trail every time, especially this time of year when the trails and trees are painted in multiple colors and the air is cool. We were born to run on dirt, not concrete.

Speaking of "born to run," I heard Christopher MacDougall, speak about his new book Born to Run at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas last week before I returned to the trails. He caught my attention with his passion for running--and running barefoot. He told about the Tarahumara Indians, who run for miles in sandals alone. I had heard of them and seen the sandals from some of my ultrarunning buddies a while back, but it was just a story then. Christopher's passion made me want to return to the trails, long distances and try barefoot running.

Yes, vibrum makes a glove-like foot covering called fivefingers. I bought a pair last week and will try them out on the trails in a couple of weeks. I took a picture of Cindy wearing a pair at the Rumble to show Kim (and you) I was not the only crazy person out there. Okay, there's two of us now...three counting MacDougall.

Yesterday, at Legacy I taught that just as we were "born to run" like the Tarahumara Indians, in the same way, in Christ we were "born to trust" with bold resolve just like the ancient tribe called the church and exemplified by Stephen.

Listen and tell me if you agree or not.