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The Conspiracy Continues Continued

The Advent Conspiracy series at Legacy continues to have an effect on all we do this year.

For example, last Sunday evening our LifeGroup gathered just to gather. (I love how everyone wants to stay together even after the semester has officially ended.) Kim had raised some money in her classes to help a family, and she had tons of wrapping to do.

She told her story, and the group immediately cleared off two tables, tore into the wrapping materials, and began to wrap all the gifts for the family! What would have taken us the rest of the week to wrap, the group did it in about 45 minutes!

That's what this whole Advent Conspiracy thing is about: with Jesus. for Jesus; Spend Less, Give More. I have heard story after story of how people have found new and creative ways to live out this Advent mission together.

Here's a note from one of our members:

Since becoming a Christian I have struggled with how to keep Jesus at the center of Christmas. I love the Advent Conspiracy series! It has really helped me think through some tangible ways we can honor Jesus as we celebrate Christmas. My family are not church goers and I don't want to turn them off by not honoring their celebration, but this year I can introduce some of the things Legacy is doing to make our celebration richer.

We will continue the Advent Conspiracy this Sunday with the call to follow Jesus to Love All. Join us!

Here's some national media attention for Advent Conspiracy: Christian Group Launches New Attach on Christmas Commercialism.

Looking Ahead:

I've been preparing for our next class with B H Carroll at Legacy. It is the Letter to the Romans. For details and how to sign up, go here. If you want some in depth study of this important letter to the church, join us starting January 12.