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Day of Prayer and Fasting--Love All

This is our final post for today. We pray that these thoughts have helped you in your preparation for the celebration of Christ's coming at Christmas. Join us at Legacy Church as we continue our advent conspiracy this Sunday.

Love All!

Read Luke 2:10, 16-20. When we rent a fantastic movie, we can’t wait to recommend it. We’ll sit through it again because we want to experience it with those we love. The angel encourages the shepherds with the most glowing review ever: “Good news. Great joy. Tell everyone!” Not the Savior is coming or someday he’ll grow up to be the Savior, but the Savior is here.

Bethlehem was packed with people, and with only oil lamps to light their homes, it’s quite possible some in the village saw the bright lights in the night sky; some may have even heard portions of the concert. This would have been the topic of conversation around the well: “Did you see the lights? What was going on? My donkey made such a ruckus we jumped out of our beds!” What a perfect opportunity for our shepherd boys to give an eyewitness account, not only of the celestial visit but of the baby. Everyone who heard was amazed.

Good news for all people. No matter our circumstances. No matter our bad choices. No matter how lonely, forgotten or discouraged, the Savior is here because of God’s amazing love for all.

Reread Luke 2:19-20. What will you treasure up in your heart today either because of this study or from What God is doing for you? Thank God for his faithfulness and goodness. Ask him to give you the boldness to love others through your actions and words as you tell about the One, your Savior, who has come to rescue his creation.

(Thanks again to Patsy Weinberg for writing these devotionals.)