Monday, April 12, 2010

Churches Cooperating?

This Saturday, April 17, Legacy Church is cooperating with three other churches in the community to sponsor an event to help alleviate the pain of poverty.

That's right. Four churches--one with a Baptist tradition, one community church, one Wesleyan, and one Roman Catholic--are working together to put on a 5K, fun run, and "family palooza" to raise money to help those in need in our county.

The idea resulted from some of our staff who were cooperating with other ministries, and when they turned their attention from attracting people to our churches to serving them, they discovered Seton Soles and its mission. This is the run's third year, and we hope to blow the doors out with participants and the amount of funds raised.

I am honored to be on the team with Pastors George Feiser of Grace Community Church, Blair Richie of Collin Creek Community Church, and Fr. Henry Petter of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Community. Thanks to Markus Lloyd, Legacy's LegacyKids Director, and those on ours and the other staffs who are making this a reality.

In a world where people criticize the Church for being so competitive and protective of their resources, I pray that this event will begin a revolution of God's people serving the needs of their communities in order to demonstrate the love of God in Jesus' name.

You can sign up for the run here or on facebook.

You can also walk and volunteer (with run setup, registration, and family palooza events) to serve at the event by contacting Sarah Morris at Legacy Church.

This event so fits with my heartbeat for community based servant evangelism. You can read about it here.


MikeS said...

This is sooooo cool! Way to go Gene, and staff & members of Legacy. I am so pumped for you guys. Keep up the great work.

Still remember: people over projects/programs

pturner63 said...

I sure hope that God can somehow bless this event. Ahh, you know I am kidding. Thanks again for blazing the trail and not only talking the game but also engaging it. You are my hero.