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Legacy Cyclists go International

Legacy Cyclists, Amy Nash, Nicole Henson, and Gene Wilkes, recently took a trip to Laos to work on a coffee farm Legacy Church supports. On their first morning in country, they met a group of cyclists riding across Vietnam, Lao, and Thailand as a gesture of unity. With the help of a translator, they greeted one another.

Gene exchanged his LiveStrong wrist band with a Thai rider’s “Long Live the King” band. (Thailand is a kingdom with a real king, thus the message that is also in Thai on the band.) Yes, it was Boston Marathon Monday in the USA, and I wore my 2004 participants shirt that morning.

The group presented Nicole with one of their jerseys, which you will see worn among the Legacy Cyclists from time to time.

(34 Legacy Cyclists ride in the Frisco to Forth Worth MS150 ride, Saturday, May 1, with Team Bike Mart.)

One of the riders, who we were told was a national cycling champion in his country (actually, we were told one of the riders was a champion, but this one looked like a champion, and we have his picture), gave Amy his wrist band. We are convinced they are now engaged, and he will be sending for her soon. At least they will have cycling in common.

As Coach Jim posted on facebook when Gene posted the group picture,

“Cycling is the universal activity that transcends cultural and language barriers.”

We agree, and hope we can run into the group again someday—and, who knows, maybe join them on their ride.