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Samson, An Angel in the Flame

Last week I started writing a weekly message of encouragement to men through the Legacy Church men's Yahoo group: texasoutfitters. We use the group to share upcoming events and outings for men connected to Legacy Church and post notes to the group. You know how those work.

I wanted to encourage those in the group from my time spent in the stories of Samson and Jesus. Both are model men, and we can see ourselves in one and who God wants us to be in the other. These devotionals are intended to help us be the "angels in the flame" God created us to become through trusting and following our warrior-judge, Jesus.

Wednesday, May 26, Our Cycle of Choices

God sent Samson into His-story when Israel had fallen into a cycle of sin-repentance-rescue-and-sin. (See Judges 2:10-23.) People ignored God and would do things they way they wanted. Consequences followed, and they cried out to God for help. God responded by raising up a warrior-judge to rescue them. Things would get better, and when the pain went away they went back to doing things as they wanted. Samson was one of those warriors whom God chose to deliver Israel from their enemies. God did not do this simply to ease the people's pain but to ensure His promise to bless all the nations through them would remain. The cycles of choices by the people moved the heart of God to send a savior so they could be the people He chose them to become.

Read the Bible passage link above. How familiar are you with the cycle of choices made by Israel? Recall a scenario of choices that led to your need for someone to rescue you. Was God one of the someones you called out to? How did that cycle end?

Ask God to make you aware of the choices you make that spin you into a cycle of choices that does not end well. Ask that God guide you to a friend who can call you out and stand with you against those choices. Thank God for His Son and our Rescuer, Jesus, the Christ, who rescued us for eternity and rescues us daily so that we might be the men He called us out to be: servant leaders to our families and in the marketplace.

If you want to join the Legacy Outfitters group to get the weekly message, just send an email to the host of the group, and you're in.

If you would like a copy of An Angel in the Flame: a tale of two saviors, you can buy one here.