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A Legacy and Father's Day

This past weekend, I attended a family reunion, my family on my father's side. Sixty nine relatives gathered on Lake Whitney for two days of telling stories and catching up; AND, celebrating the legacy which we share.

My cousin, Terry, read of eight generations from John H. Mulkey, who was born in 1824 and to which my father, Mulkey Carl Wilkes, belonged. I learned that the head of each of those generations was a Christian. My father's father, and his father, and so on, not only embraced the faith but passed it on to their family. I am a recipient of that heritage of faith, and I trust the faith I have passed on to my children will be passed on to their children.

The legacy of faith I inherited reminded me of Paul's words to Timotheos, when he was reminded of his young friend's "sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice lives in you." (2 Timothy 1:5)

We have the choice to pass on generational sins or faith to the next generation. I am blessed to have received the latter and pray that outweighs the other for my children.

Part of the celebration was a corn shucking contest, which my younger sister, Brenda, and I won. I'm a farm boy, you know. NOT! I'll put that trophy with my other finishing medals and mementos of other contests.

It was also Father's Day weekend, and I was able to spend some time with my father, who is 81, who modeled faith and servant leadership for me. We shared more of our lives together over meals and a 42 table. Time with my mother, sisters and their families was icing on the cake.

I was blessed to see my two wonderful daughters, their husbands, and my granddaughter, Cambell. She and I had a blast just "walking on rocks" around where we stayed.

We returned Saturday night to worship with our Legacy Church family on Sunday, and then after lunch at Fox Sport's Grill during the Brazil/Ivory Coast game, we saw Toy Story 3. A great family flick which I highly recommend.

Speaking of family, this Sunday, June 27, I will continue our message series Hosea: A Story of Tough Love. I'll tell the part of the story in chapter 3. Join us as we discover the lengths to which God will go to pursue us with His love.