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Serve Sunday

We are not the first to do this, but I am pleased we will join others who have discovered the impact of being the church in its community on the day most people see us huddling inside our buildings doing things they don't understand. People don't get "church," but they do understand people serving in ways to help others.

This Sunday, we will gather at our facilities at the corner of Legacy and Preston Meadow at our usual time for worship, spend 30 minutes in instruction, encouragement and prayer, and then head out to serve our community.

We will partner with the PTA of Gulledge Elementary to revitalize a courtyard at the school. Beauty and education are values we share with our schools, and we are happy to provide the effort to improve both of them.

Others of us will partner with the City of Plano to pick up trash in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This is in no way a glamorous job, but "sent servants" don't always get to pick the work they do. We will also pass out cold, bottled water to those enjoying the park that morning as a tangible expression of God's free grace to all. (without labels that mention our church)

After our efforts, we will stick around and share lunch under the main pavilion at the park. The church as the "called out ones" serving and eating and sharing together is an expression few get to see or experience.

As we do this, we live out our mission to "help others trust Jesus" through servant evangelism and our core value, "We are most like Jesus when we serve."

Join us as we serve and be the church in the community in which it is planted. Join the movement to be the church rather than go to church.

You can read more about the strategy of community based servant evangelism in the book I wrote with Steve Pate, Evangelism Where You Live: Engaging Your Community.