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A Conference, Worship, and Triathlon

What do a Vietnamese Baptist Theological School, Legacy Church, and a triathlon have in common? Not much except they are the markers for my Labor Day weekend journey.

I was privileged to be part of the graduation of over a dozen students from VBTS on Friday night in Houston. One of the men was 70 years old and had completed his Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministries from the school. He inspired me to never give up learning. Saturday morning I led a seminar for 122 pastors and church leaders through the principles of servant leadership. I am blessed to be part of what this group is doing to equip its leaders and mobilize them to change the world.

Sunday, I worshiped with Legacy Church as we shared communion, sang, and saw how painfully we are too much like Jonah in our whining about how God treats others. We are grateful for His grace toward us and those like us. The rub is in His unmerited favor on our enemies and those we are convinced do not deserve His pardon. You can hear the message here. Legacy is a special group of people, and I am honored to be their pastor.

Monday, I participated in the Blackland sprint triathlon here in Plano. It is always fun to do this as part of a bigger group, and their is no greater group than the Legacy Cyclists. Some of the team came just to cheer, and they stayed the entire time. Now that's team support! My oldest sister and parents came over for the event, but I did not see them on the course...great lunch and stories afterward though! I was honored they would take the time to spend the morning looking for me.

Legacy Cyclists and friends took home some medals. Carl, Ken, and I took 1, 2, 3 in the 55-59 age group. Okay, there were only 8 in the age group, but we still dominated! Emily Craig and her friend made the podium in their age group, completing their first tri! Marshall and Natalia completed their first tri, too. A great day for those who took the time to train for this sport.

Here are some photos of those who participated and the transition area for the race.

For more photos of the triathlon, go to John Huber's photo album here.

The journey of life has little meaning unless shared with others. God has given you life. Make it count for eternity as you live it with those God has put on your path.