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A Day of Prayer

Today we have asked the Legacy Church LifeGroup leaders to make time in their day to pray and fast for those they will lead this semester in their groups. Join us if you like as we fast and pray.

Fasting is to spiritual health what eating is to physical health. You fast in order to feed your soul. You eat to feed your body. Today, prepare a spiritual meal for your soul as you pray for those whom you will serve through spiritual leadership.

Just as you replace french fries and milk shakes with vegetables and fruit to improve your physical health, you replace full meals and caffeine, for example, with prayer and Bible reading to make room in your life for the Holy Spirit to transform you.

Substitute a meal or cup of coffee and read Psalm 103 this morning. Use the time you would use to prepare and eat your meal to read and digest the message of this song of praise to the God of grace and mercy.

Let the words of the psalm guide your heart to God and join the writer in praise to our great God. Read it more than once to settle your heart and mind. Pray that those in your LifeGroup will experience God's grace and mercy this semester.

I'll be back at noon to share what I have gleaned from the song.

Comment or ask questions on this blog as we walk through the day together.