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Read the Bible. Period.

Why would I tell you to "read the Bible" in such a complex, information-saturated, diverse world? That sounds like a step backwards or too narrow a call for someone who is educated and sensitive to the convictions of others.

However, of all the things I can encourage you to do in the chaotic world in which we live that will feed your soul and introduce you to the God of the Universe, I can tell you with all confidence: Read the Bible.

Why the Bible? Whether you embrace it or not, the Bible makes some unique claims about itself that intrigue me enough to want to read it. (Not to mention a life-time of life-changing encounters with God in its pages.)

Here are some claims the Bible makes about itself:

It is a light and a lamp for living. (Psalm 119:105-106)

It is living and active and can cut to your soul. It's more than ancient literature. (Hebrews 4:12)

It is "God-breathed." Not many books make that claim. (2 Timothy 3:16)

The prophets of old and the apostles who followed all point to Jesus, the Christ. (2 Peter 3:2)

These claims at the very least should motivate you to at least test what the Bible says about itself. So, why not give reading the Bible a try? If you are a follower of Jesus, it's a must. If you are curious about God, it is as imperative that you check it out.

Here's a simple plan we are following this week at Legacy Church as part of our series on spiritual practices. (If you want to hear my message about reading the Bible, you can go here.)

Read a Psalm and a chapter in Proverb that corresponds to the date. For example, if the date was 28 September, you would read Psalm 28 and Proverbs 28.

Another place to start is the stories of Jesus, called the Gospels. The Story of Jesus According to Mark is the shortest. Start here.

Let me know what you discover. Share what you find with a friend. I know it will make a difference.