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Spiritual Practices Take Practice

If you have read this blog any, you know I enjoy exercise and participating in group activities. Since my heart incident in 1993, I have changed my lifestyle and diet to prevent an early demise from the things I have control over. My days are numbered, but I don't want to be the one responsible for going home early.

I have found a full-body workout at my local YMCA that has really challenged me physically and has given me some core and upper body strength I did not have when I was just running or cycling. It's commonly known as "boot camp." It's an hour of a variety of moves, stretches, and anaerobic exercises that puts my 57-year-old body into hyper-drive. Added to my weekly rides and runs, this workout has given me stamina I have not had before. I recommend it if you are able. (Yes, I wear my five fingers the entire time.)

So, what does my exercise update have anything to do with my spiritual life? Just as physical strength to do well in a competition takes practice before you enter the race, so spiritual strength to survive temptation and trials takes practice every day before you experience those things. You can't run a marathon the weekend after you decide to run one. You can't bear up under the weight of life the Monday after you decide you will change on Sunday.

Our 0bsession with our bodies should shift some to a healthy attention to our souls.
I have to make certain I spend as much time exercising my "heart, head, hands, and habits" a la Ken Blanchard as I do my body each week. Otherwise, I'll run a good race, but I'll fail at eternal things.

We begin a new series of messages this Sunday at Legacy Church called Shift! We will observe ten ancient-future spiritual practices that will exercise our souls and deepen our relationship with God.

Join us at Legacy Church or online for the series. I'll blog each week here on the practices, and we'll exercise together virtually. See you in the gym!