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Brothers in Christ

About two years ago I met Pastor Smith and his wife at a church garage sale. He had just begun as the pastor of a new work, and they were there to gather as many items as possible to begin the work. We talked and shared our stories and promised to stay in touch.

About a year later, I finally got down to see his ministry through the Peace of God Missionary Baptist Church in the Joppa Community, southeast of Dallas. The community was founded in the mid-1800's and has been a home for thousands since then.

The church gathers in a rectangular building that was built in 1940. Pastor Smith and his family had repaired and updated the building, which had not been used for some time, by investing their own money, time, and talents. I was honored to share his vision for his work and the potential the Gospel had in the community. (There literally is a church on almost every corner. Something I can relate to in my community, but with a few more potential participants where I serve.)

Later I brought a couple of guys down from our Friday morning men's group to see the building. They discovered there was absolutely NO insulation in the ceiling--nor had there been. Pastor Smith confirmed it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter and people were uncomfortable. He did not want people to have an excuse for attending the worship services there but did not have the resources to address the need.

As a result of that conversation, five men from Legacy met three men from Peace of God, and on a cold December night last week, we blew insulation into the attic of that building. It was fun, hard work, and lasted over three hours, but the picture of brothers in Christ serving together to provide a place of worship for that community was what it was all about.

We will go back and join Pastor Smith and some of his members to work on more of the building and partner with them however they see we can help to reach that community. I hope to have Pastor Smith join us here and bless him as he has blessed me as a brother in Christ.

The church is best when it is serving together to meet the needs of others.