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Five Fingers With Socks

It's getting cooler (30 degrees F this morning), and I want to stay in my fivefingers. The other day I went to our local Luke's Locker and bought a pair of injinji toe socks to see if they would fit my fivefingers. They did, and this afternoon I tested them out. (It was 52F at the start of my run.)

I admit that this arrangement pushes me even farther away from true barefoot running, but I'm not quite ready to head out on a December afternoon truly barefoot.

The run went well. My feet were actually a bit too warm, but I know they'll be fine in cooler weather now. After the 4.5 mile jog, I did feel my socks and fivefingers became tight. When I removed them, I felt the difference, and that is not usually the case without socks. (My feet swell when I run, so that was the issue.)

While my feet were warm, I did loose some of the on-the-ground sensation I have when running without the socks. This will only be an arrangement while the weather is cold.

So, to answer the not-so-age-old question, "Can you wear injinji socks with your fivefingers and still have a good run?" the answer for now is yes.

Anyone else doing this?