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Jesus On Leadership

I don't post much on this blog about the servant leadership of Jesus. (I need to start a separate blog, I suppose.) I spend more time teaching the principles and model of Jesus' leadership in the courses I teach for B H Carroll Theological Institute and Dallas Baptist University as a Teaching Fellow and Adjunct Professor (MACE and Ph.D.) respectively. That doesn't mean I don't keep up with the dialogue around my life's message that if we are followers of Jesus we who are called to lead will lead like Jesus.

The dialogue around servant leadership and Jesus, which I am pleased to monitor and enter into regularly, has become a mainstay of leadership discussions in Christian schools and seminaries, . Bethel Seminary has with a D.Min. in Servant Leadership and Gonzaga University recognizes itself among "servant leadership schools," who train leaders to be servant leaders. I appreciate serving DBU's mission to "produce servant leaders" through the biblical servant leadership courses I teach.

Books and articles and seminars continue to be written and presented on the subject, and I believe that volume will only increase with the emerging forms of church here and around the world. (I have approached Tyndale to update my 1998 edition of Jesus on Leadership since so much has been written on the topic since then, but all I got was a new cover.)

Here are some site entries that continue the discussion. Check them out and enter the dialogue.

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Nancy Russell Catan on Steward Leadership

I am convinced the leadership models that permeated the church culture for the last 30 years are no longer effective and actually offensive to the next generation of church leaders. I am also convinced that the servant leadership taught and modeled by Jesus will be the predominate model for leaders as the church moves outside its institutional walls into the communities from which they have walled themselves for so long

What are some of your favorite resources around this lifestyle of leadership?