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Steve Jobs of Small Groups?

There is a (very long) blog in the Dallas Morning News that asked several theologians if we need a "Steve Jobs of Religion".  This question is based upon a NYT article titled "Americans Undecided about God?" by Eric Weiner who is a self proclaimed "None" (people who chose None under Religious affiliations when surveyed). Weiner writes:

"We need a Steve Jobs of religion. Someone (or ones) who can invent not a new religion but, rather, a new way of being religious. Like Mr. Jobs's creations, this new way would be straightforward and unencumbered and absolutely intuitive. Most important, it would be highly interactive. I imagine a religious space that celebrates doubt, encourages experimentation and allows one to utter the word God without embarrassment. A religious operating system for the Nones among us. And for all of us."

Cynthia Rigby, W. C. Brown Professor of Theology, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, suggests today's Christianity is more interactive and intuitive than the Nones realize.  The Steve Jobs of religion would be the ones providing insight to the interactive and intuitive nature of our God.

And that is where I think the
Life Group Coaches and leaders come into play.  We don't need to be Steve Jobs the inventor, but maybe Steve Jobs the lover of his inventions.  If you've seen videos of him talking about Apple products, his eyes are alive and he can't wait to tell you about all the features of the product, how it will change your life and how it changed his life.  As soon as his video is over, you want to go out and buy it at that very moment. 
If we as Leaders can relate our enthusiasm, our love of Christ to our teams in the same manner - how powerful it becomes.  We reach out to our teams (and the Nones in our world) to show them the intuitive and interactive nature of our God and our church.  And we are there to walk through life with them.  My hope and desire is that they will respond and want to invite Christ into their hearts - right at that very moment.

Post by guest blogger, Victor Galvan, one of Legacy's LifeGroup coaches.