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A Call to Follow-Ash Wednesday Meditations

Our reading for Ash Wednesday, February 22, is Luke 5:1-11. Read the passage of Jesus' calling of the first disciples.

Morning Meditation

Jesus, a carpenter, told Simon Peter, a fisherman, where and how to fish! (v. 4) Peter's response was one of trust. (v. 5)

What has Jesus asked you through his Word and/or Spirit that could make you answer, "I'm the expert here, how could what you tell me be true?" What has Jesus asked you to do that did not make sense to you, but like Peter you were willing to be obedient to what he called you to do?  

Meditate on the events of the passage and fast completely or partially from your morning meal. 

Noon Meditation

The carpenter's advice to the seasoned fisherman worked! They amount of fish caught almost sank two boats. (v. 6-7)

Peter confessed after the huge catch,Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” (v. 8) He realized Jesus was more than a carpenter, more than a man he had met before and heard tell of the coming kingdom of God. Jesus was the Anointed One! He confessed he was not worthy in his lack of trust and sin to be with the One who was God's Sent One. This is the correct response of worship to Jesus.

Fast completely or partially from your mid-day meal and spend time in prayer by repeating audibly but quietly and slowly Peter's confession to Jesus. Let these words guide your heart to worship Jesus.

Evening Meditation

Jesus called Peter, James, and John, to be his disciples. (v. 10) Luke tells us they "left everything and followed him." (v. 11) His call was absolute on their lives.

Jesus has called you to follow him through trusting him as his disciple-apprentice. Will you leave everything and follow him. What will you leave in order to follow Jesus? (The answer can be part of your observance of the Lenten fast.)

Fast completely or partially from your evening meal and meditate on the questions above. Allow the rumblings of your stomach to become the rumblings of your heart that guide you to follow Jesus wholly.

Break your fast with non-acidic fruit or protein. Return to your normal rhythm of life with a new perspective of Jesus' call to follow him.