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A Cultural Fair and The Church

Legacy Church hosted our 5th annual World Cultural Fair this past Sunday. Lue Kraltchev, our English Language Program Director, brought a new look and a graduation program to the event.

I love this event because we see how God has allowed us to truly impact the lives of people around the world simply by opening our doors to our neighborhood and meeting a need.

When I was growing up I got the idea missionaries gave up everything and moved to some remote corner of the globe never to be seen again except every four years when they came home with their native dress, artifacts, and slide show of their work. 

At Legacy Church, we challenge people on mission with us to be missionaries in his or her own mission fieldThat means if we are planted as a church in a mission field of internationals, we will be God's missionaries to them.

This means that wherever you live there is a people-need that can be met in the name of Jesus. This need is your bridge of influence to be a missionary where you live. You'd be surprised what can happen if you will trust Jesus to lead you into the mission field.

Along with providing free Bibles in over 20 languages for those who attend, (every student receives a Bible in his or her own language when registered for a class) Lue and her team provided prayer cards for each country displayed. We asked people to take those home to pray for that country, and the cards said to those from those countries, "We are praying for your home."

The smorgasbord of prepared foods is always a hit. I tell folks that it is my favorite stomach ache of the year! I try every dish from every country and remember what I ate late into the night. Food reminds us of home wherever we are, and sharing food is sharing one's life with another.

Lue, the teachers, and the student volunteers did a fabulous job of honoring the students, celebrating the "world in our backyard," and lives changed by Christ through the relationships built during the year. I am proud to be part of such a group of God's-love-in-action people.

Here are some of the class pictures of those who completed there English Language course this past year. You can see more pictures of the event by going here.

If you would like to hear my message, "Break Down the Barriers," based on Ephesians 2:14-22, you can hear it here.