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Riding the trails

Took to the trails this morning for the first time on my secondhand mountain bike. (Thanks K Brown) The conditions were ideal, but I was super cautious. I was glad no one else was riding! There was one runner, and I told him I'd rather be running than riding as I passed him. He laughed. (At me?)

Rode the 2.5 mile loop at Arbor Hills in Plano. Excellent for newbies like me. I'm sure if you go more than 5 miles an hour it would be even more challenging. Made two loops before heading to the office, and I'm ready to go again.

More upper body work on the mtn bike, and the climbs are trickier than road cycling for sure. No clipping in for a while. Needed to bail too many times. Someday.

Trail running is my favorite sport. Now I can drive up to a trailhead and either run it or ride it. Nice.